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Creative Spotlight: Five Of The Best Irish Leather Craftspeople

Creative Spotlight: Five Of The Best Irish Leather Craftspeople

We are delighted to have recently been selected and listed as one of the top five Irish leather designers and craft workers by IMAGE magazine.

For a such a small country we sure do have an abundance of highly skilled creative designers working with leather, no more than we have a huge number of talented and renowned actors and singers. The abundance of talent in this country in all aspects of creative industries is highly recognized and supported buy Irish people and the whole world. 

This is massively important to the nourishment and continued support of such talented craftspeople and designers. Without this nourishment all of our skills  would not be supported and we could lose a huge portion of our designers and creative people.

So supporting small independent designers regardless of their discipline or field of specialty is of the up most important to, independent fashion and craft industries.

This is not an easy market to be in with many of our stockists and customers been brainwashed into thinking the more of something that is made and sold the more, that same consumer must have it. 

This mentality is not a clear and decisive manner in which to shop especially when it comes to having you down individual taste and also getting great value for your money, while at the same time supporting your local economy. 

When you buy from a local designer, your item will NOT have been made in high numbers. It will NOT be seen everywhere. It WILL be unique, individual, interesting, beautiful and high quality. As simply the less of something that is made, the better the quality of the materials and the more love, passion and hard work will have been put into the making of it.

Irish customers have been really good at recognizing this and supporting Independent designers. But we all need continued support and we need to also be supported by Stores, who have the same attitude towards nurturing creativity and individualism. Some store in Ireland that are leading the way in doing this are, Place in Gorey is a great example of this as well as Cat and the Moon in Sligo.


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